Papercut Light Boxes Shadow Paper Carved Lamp Night Light Fairy Butterfly (Unicorn)

Papercut Silhouette Art In The Box
At the very beginning, it is said that the silhouette is one of Europe's art that just for the king or queen, the courtly painter of Europe created the silhouette art in addition to a variety of painting methods, in order to record the face of the emperor.
1.jpgInspiration and Imagination In The Box
Light filtered through a dozen calendered paper and formed dreamy soft halo, to create a comfortable and warm environment for appreciator. 
2.jpgFascinating Craft In The Box
The devotee of papercut craft usually takes 100-200 hours to complete a work of papercut light boxes, they pay a high price for all kinds of materials and tools, it makes the final price even more than $300. And DecorSmart optimized the process. 

·Size: 260x200x85(mm)/ 10.2x7.9x3.3(inch) 
·Light Source: LED 
·Power Consumption: 0.6W 
·Material: ABS, Acrylic 
·Production process:Injection molding, spraying, welding, laser 
·Power Supply: USB cable or 5V AC charger


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