How to make a Lampshade in Cotton Wool for Droplight

We usually find it is so normal that there is only a lamp bulb hang on the ceiling or bedside. And also, to some agree, this kind of lamp do harmful to our eyesight. Many people realized this and they go to shop lampshades. But how about handmade a cotton wool lampshade for your droplight by yourself and design an unique one? It just takes you a little time to make it.



1. Coke Bottle

2. Cotton Thread

3. Silica Glue

4. Box Cutter

5. Scissor

6. Masking Tape

7.Acrylic Paint



Main Steps:

Step 1: Making the model of the lampshade

Cut the top of the coke bottle according to the size of lamp cap with your box cutter.


Then cut the bottom of the bottle. Of course you can draw a line on the bottle and cut the bottle along the line. And you’d better to make it more smooth with your scissor.


Step 2: Twine the cotton thread around the bottle

Due to the bottle is plastic, the hot melt adhesive can not be used to glue the cotton thread. So we choose the silica glue, glue the cotton thread circle by circle, and pay attention to glue them tightly among circle and circle.


Step 3: Add decorations and painting

Cut the masking tape into the dentate shape and stick it on the lampshade. And then you can process your acrylic paint. Choose your favorite color and them painting the lampshade.





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Raysa Colon This is cozy with the light on.
roya arshadnia Excellent lampshade.
Nancy Tam Very cool unique design!

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