Woven coaster makes you feel warm, especially during late autumn. And this is a kind of triangle pattern which is quite easy to learn and finish. You could have a practice at your home and then just have a good use of this hand woven coaster pattern.


1. Thin red line

2. Needle

3. White cotton thread, Grey cotton thread and Blue cotton thread

4. A loom (or you can make a loom with cardboard by cutting slips along the top and bottom of the cardboard) 


Main Steps:

Step 1: Wrapping the white cotton thread around your loom or your cardboard loom, so that you have vertical strands.


Step 2: Begin weaving  

Starting your first row of weaving by feeding your thread from one end of your wrap towards the other, going over and under each alternate strand. Once you reach the end, pull the thread through, leaving about 3-5-6cm of tail at the side you start on. And then we go on the second row fro right to left until you reach the end. Repeat this step until the white triangle is finished.

Pay attention:

1# You need to make a triangle pattern, so when you start your fourth row(this depends on how big you want to make your coaster), you should feeding your thread from the second wrap instead of the first wrap, as the length should be diminishing.

2# If you end the first row with thread under the final strand (see picture above). To start a new row, then you should begin by weaving over that same strand.



Step 3: Weave the double blue triangles

Repeat the steps which we have show how to make the white one from both right and left of the white triangle.


Step 4: Continue the Gray Triangle

There is the last triangle on the top of this coaster. And also, this is the same steps as before. The only thing you should to care about is the length of the coaster.


Step 5: Add some patterns on this coaster

After you finishing the weaving, you could add some patterns you like most with the needle and  thin red line.And then you are ready to use this coaster.




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