Fir branches, osmanthus wood, ax, chisel, portable electric drill, water  abrasive paper and so on.

1.Pick out 10 Fir branches,Peel with ax 

2.polish the surface with abrasive paper

3.Make the Base with 2 Sturdy crude wood ,Chisel two square holes (37.5px*25px

)on both ends

4.Mark both ends ,Approximately 37.5px from the top .

5.Saw  along the mark line .

6. Combined together

7.Mark each 125px,Punch with 75px drill .

8.Trim the holes and polish with NO.320 abrasive paper

9.Peel the polished branches .

10.Insert the branches into the holes ,and  rotate slightly.



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Raysa Colon Very useful design.

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