There is no doubt that a woman has an inherent love of beauty. So they are always looking for some special decorations which is both lovely and meaningful. Recently, there is a simple way of making a handmade shoelace bracelets. Here we would like to share with you the detail process with only several steps. 


1. A shoelace

2. Metal Buckles

3. Scissor

4. Lighter

5. A pin

Main Process:

1. Pick up a shoelace and you can choose the color which you like the best.(here we choose the sky blue one)

2. Make a small circle and leave the shoelace end 3-4cm long, and then fixed this with the pin.

3. Make another circle with the right shoelace and pass through the hole we mad step 2, and then tighten it.

4. Repeat the step 3 until it is long enough.

5. Ending with a knot and cut the remain shoelace, then fixed the buckles with a lighter on both shoelace ends.






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Raysa Colon Seems that it is easy to learn.
roya arshadnia Nice Bracelet!
Nancy Tam I'm always looking for a new way to tie string in knots. Awesome.

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