Handmade Blanket Knitting Patterns Tutorial

An attractive blanket may draw your attention when you are shopping at mall, but this would cost you too much money to buy it. Here I would like to share you the process of how to make a handmade blanket knitting Patterns.


1. 7 pieces of black and white striped blanket (of course it is better if you have 7 pieces of wool yarn)

2. 2 stick needles

3. 8 pieces of nails

4. A black adhesive tap 


The First Step

Attached the 4 pieces of nails into a stick and then wrap it up to the black adhesive tap or you just need to prepare the stick needdles.


The Second Step

Cut the 7 pieces of blanket into 10cm width strips and connect each of them together. 

The Third step

Then we begin to knit the blanket with these strips by using purl and knit.

Row 1: As most of people know, we should begin with the process of casting on which includes 40 stitches;

Row 2: begin Knit 1 and then Purl 1, and repeat until you reach the end of the row

Just repeat the row 2 until you find it is long enough to make your blanket.


When you have reached your patience repeat, bind off your favorite stretchy bind off with a larger needle and then your handmade blanket is finished.



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