High Fashion Gradient Tie Dye Shoes DIY Instruction

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Recently my friends around are trying to dye their old T-shirts for summer. But i still worry about my skills at indigo dye. I don’t know so many shibori tie dye patterns and techniques. So i decide try this out on my shoes.  All the supplies i used are listed on the end of this tutorial.

Step 1:Prepare your dye bath

Prepare your dye bath_dearlivesPrepare your dye bath_dearlivesPrepare your dye bath_dearlives
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Read the directions on your dye packets.  Here i am using Jacquard dye kit, you can also choose other brands like Rit. Pour the dye materials according to the instruction. Begin stirring slowly in a clockwise direction. Continue stirring in the same direction until everything seems well mixed. Stir in the opposite direction a few times, and then cover the bucket and let sit for at least 20 minutes (or up to an hour). 

Step 2:Get your canvas shoes ready

Get your canvas shoes ready_dearlivesGet your canvas shoes ready_dearlivesGet your canvas shoes ready_dearlivesGet your canvas shoes ready_dearlivesGet your canvas shoes ready_dearlivesGet your canvas shoes ready_dearlivesGet your canvas shoes ready_dearlivesGet your canvas shoes ready_dearlives
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Remove the shoelaces, Stick duct tape on the parts you don’t want it get dyed. Make sure the tape is tight enough and no parts missed out. Otherwise you it will ruin the results. Fill the shoes with cotton fabric to make it bulged.

Irregularly wrapped shoes with rubber bands of different size.  Attached pictures shows you the pattern i used.

Step 3:Get it dyed

Get it dyed_dearlivesGet it dyed_dearlivesGet it dyed_dearlives
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Noted: You must prewash your shoes before dyeing, it will help the dye bath penetrate thoroughly. Placing cardboard on the floor to prevent the dye get the floor in a mess. Put your rubber gloves, dip your shoes in the dye bath. You should divide the upper parts of the shoes in 3 parts and dye it in different length of time in order to get a gradient color effect. Hold the shoes so that the darker color will be on the bottom for the first dyeing. And this should takes the most time of the dyeing. I dyed it for 30 mins at this part. You can make it longer or shorter. But make sure that the time for second dyeing will take less than the first time. And the height of immersed part of this time should be the two-thirds of the first time. For the third part, immersion height should be one thirds of the first part. And the time required is shorter than the second time.

Step 4:Take your shoes out

Take your shoes out_dearlivesTake your shoes out_dearlivesTake your shoes out_dearlives
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Take your shoes out of the dye bath. Let it naturally oxidize in the air for about 20 minutes.  Now, took the cotton fabric filled in the shoes out. Rinse the shoes with clean water until no color fading anymore. Untie the rubber bands. Tear off the duct tape and wipe the excess dye with wet cloth. Now you can get it air-dried in a cool place.

This is the final effect of my gradient dyeing shoes. I am so excited with this work. Cann’t wait to share it with you all !



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