How to make an indigo dye placemat

4 Steps
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It’s actually not as difficult as you think to make an indigo dye work. Simple 4 steps are needed to make a stylish placemat. Other indigo dye works is similar. Let’s begin!

Step 1:

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Mix your dyes. Remember to wear rubber gloves

Step 2:

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Prepare for tie-dye with rope and other tools. 

To inhibit the flow of the dye into the folds of the fabric by folding, tying, stitching crumpling etc. The pattern of the folds and where the colors are squirted determines the final design. Result can be predicted with experience, but the surprise is part of what makes tie-dye an exciting and interesting art form. 

Step 3:

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Soak the tie-dyed material into the soda ash solution for about 5-15 minutes. Squeeze out the cloth so it is damp but not dripping. Then soak the cloth into the dye. 

Step 4:

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Wash and dry after dyeing. Then a beautiful blue dye place mat is born. 



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