Indigo Tie Dye Tutorial

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Step 1:

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Twine the cotton fabrics around the PVC pipe or wood bricks in inclined angle. And then push it down until arrived the bottom of the PVC pipe so that produce the effect of wrinkle pattern.

Step 2:

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Soak the cotton cloth into the dyestuff for about 3-5 minutes and press it repeatedly. But keep in mind that make it fully wet before process the indigo dye.

Step 3:

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Take out all dyed fabrics, you may find them in green-yellow color and after fully touched the air in order make them oxidative. Also, if you want some more deep color, you can repeat the dye step.

Step 4:

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Wash them in clear water and waiting for air dry. You can get what you want.


  • Indigo dye kit
  • 100% pure cotton fabric (white)
  • clear water
  • rubber bands
  • wood brick
  • rubber gloves
  • scissor
  • PVC pipe
  • flax thread


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