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The other day, I was thinking of a gift for Mother's Day, when all of a sudden, this idea "popped" up. It is a regular gift box, that opens up, shown in the thumbnail. So, without further ado, here is the box!

Step 1:Materials

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- scissors

- pen

- glue stick

- ruler

- 2 6x6 sheets of cardstock (I'm reusing a Buy Buy Baby box lol)

- 2 1.5x5 sheets of cardstock the same color as the cover will be

- 2 6x2 sheets of cardstock the same color the bottom box will be

- 1 piece of printer paper

Step 2:Making the Box

Making the Box_dearlivesMaking the Box_dearlivesMaking the Box_dearlives
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First, we're going to be making the bottom box. Make a 3x3 square, with 9 2x2 squares. Draw a diagonal from the corners of the original square to the end of the new square on each side. With the corner squares, cut out a heart shape around the corners and fold the box along the diagonals to give it its shape.

On the second box, also make a 3x3 square. draw a line about an inch away from the right of the corner middle squares to make flaps. Cut out the corner squares, but cut along the flaps instead of the original line. Fold over the flaps, and glue them to the next square to make the top part of the box.

Step 3:Decorating the Box

Decorating the Box_dearlivesDecorating the Box_dearlives
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Put the cover aside- it's done. If you want you can put a bow on it, but I didn't.

Take the 2x6 white sheets of cardstock (in my case) and paste them on the flaps of the box that open up. They should fit together nicely, but if not, trim them off. Do the same with the polka dot 1.5x5 strips (in my case) but center them out (see the picture). Paste the corners of the paper in the folds and cut them so that they have the same shape as the cardstock behind it.

Step 4:Personalizing the Box

Personalizing the Box_dearlives
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Now it's time to make the box yours! For me, I drew mandalas in the flaps that I found online, and I wrote: "I <3 u mom" on each of the flaps. I added a pom-pom I made a while back to add some flair in the middle. Happy Crafting, and Happy Mother's Day!


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