Woven wall hanging with roving wool and yarn rings

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Hello creative friends! My name is Anna, mother of beautiful boy, woman with passion for macramé, knitting, crochet, weaving, DIY projects.

I would like to demonstrate how to create beautiful and easy to make wall hanging with roving wool and colorful yarn. I hope you will enjoy my tutorial.

You can watch short video tutorial or follow written instruction (both based on the same materials).

For more videos and photos, please visit my website www.blueicrafts.com and my Youtube channel.

Step 1:What you need:

What you need:_dearlives
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1. Roving wool - 780cm. Cut 5 pieces of roving wool: 2x140cm, 2x160cm, 1x180cm. 

Use slightly felted roving wool. I used very fluffy wool that unfortunately shreds a lot. Well, you never stop learning;)

Instead of roving wool you can use 5 thick bundle of white/cream yarn.

2. Yarn in many different colors.

I recommend chunky yarn - it's easier to wrap around the roving wool.

3. Dowel.

4. Scissors

5. Wool needle.

Step 2:Attaching roving wool to the dowel with 'Larks head knot'

Attaching roving wool to the dowel with 'Larks head knot'_dearlivesAttaching roving wool to the dowel with 'Larks head knot'_dearlives
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Watch video tutorial how to tie 'Larks head knot'.

Tie the shorter pieces outside and the longer inside the tapestry. The longest piece tie in the middle. Create triangle shape, but do not trim the edges yet (photo 3).

Step 3:Adding colorful rings of yarn.

Adding colorful rings of yarn._dearlivesAdding colorful rings of yarn._dearlivesAdding colorful rings of yarn._dearlivesAdding colorful rings of yarn._dearlives
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1st row: Skip first piece of roving wool. Take 2nd and 3rd piece, hold them together and wrap string of yarn around the wool (photo 4). Ring should measure 2-3 cm. 

Create 3 more rings in this row (4 in total). Last piece of wool leave free (photo 5).

Watch video ''how to wrap yarn around the roving wool''.

2nd row: Take alternating pieces of roving wool. Start with 1st and 2nd piece of wool and tie them together with string of yarn. (photo 6)

Create 4 more rings in 2nd row (5 in total).

3rd row = 1st row

4th row = 2nd row (photo 7)

Step 4:Finishing touch.

Finishing touch._dearlivesFinishing touch._dearlivesFinishing touch._dearlives
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Trim the edges in a triangle shape (photo 8). You can dip dye the edges with fabric dye. I used navy blue color (photo 9).

Add handle to the dowel.

Enjoy your new wall decoriation!


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