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Hello everyone,

I am going to teach you a tutorial on wall hanging. read my tutorial and learn how to make beautiful wall hanging  and enjoy it!!! so let's get started......

Step 1:

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1. Tie the two hoops together with yarn or thread as shown below left. The thread will be cut off so use scraps if you wish. The threads should be taut and tied with double knots.

2. Tie the embroidery floss to the small hoop with a double knot. Wind it in a figure 8 to join the two hoops . So, pass the thread over the top of the big hoop, around and under it. Then over the top of the small hoop, around and under it. Continue to work your way around the whole circle.

3. Tie a length of wool to the outer hoop with a single knot. The wool length should be about 2.5 times the circumference of the large hoop. Now wind the wool around the large hoop so it’s completely covered.

Step 2:

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4. Tuck the tail of the starting knot to the back, and start weaving around the circle. Don’t pull the wool tight. It looks much better and more textural if the wool is loose.

6. When you run out of wool, tuck the tail to the back of the weaving. Take a new piece of wool and tuck the tail into the next space, so that there is an embroidery floss ‘weft’ running between the old piece of wool and the new one.

7. Continue to weave around the circle.

8. If you want to add more texture weave in strips of white fabric as you go.

Step 3:

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9. When the space between the hoops is filled finish weaving level with the place you started.

10. Cover the small hoop by wrapping the wool around it. Wrap two or three times between each piece of embroidery floss so the ‘stitches’ are close together.

11. When the inner hoop is covered finish by leaving the tail at the back of the weaving.

12. Finish off all the ends. Turn the weaving over to the back is facing you. Where you changed wool there will be two tails next to each other, separated by a piece of embroidery floss. Simply tie the two ends together in a double knot. Then weave the ends along a row over to hide them.

13. Add a fringe. Turn the weaving over again so that the front is facing you. Cut lengths of wool, and fabric if you’re using it, and fold them in half. Thread the folded part down and under the large hoop. Then thread the two tails through the folded loop. Pull the loop to tighten it. Add more pieces to complete your fringe.

14. Put a pom pom on it! Make a super chunky pom pom by winding wool around and around your hand. Cut the wool off your hand so you have a pile of wool lengths. Tie a long piece of embroidery floss tightly around the centre of the lengths of wool to tie the bundle together. Fluff the pom pom out and trim it into shape. Tie it onto the wreath using the embroidery floss.

And that’s it! It really is much easier that you thought right?

Hang your wreath and after the festive season leave it on the wall and call it a wall hanging.

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  • Two metal craft hoops measuring 20cm and 45cm diameter
  • Wool roving or super chunky wool yarn. I used a skein of “Super-Duper” wool from Lincraft. Length 26m, 220g, for use on size 20mm needles.
  • Strips of white fabric abut 6cm wide – optional
  • Embroidery floss
  • Scissors


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Dylan @Jahnvi trivedi :I do like this tutorial!
Dylan @Indigo Dye ::satisfied:
Jahnvi trivedi not yet but can make one for you if you wanted.....
Indigo Dye I love the pattern ,maybe you can try with indigo dyed  yarn.:grimacing:Are you selling this work?

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