DIY Pom Pom Wall Hanging Decor

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Hi my name is Karen, and I am the owner of Karen Sue Studios. In today's crafting tutorial, I will be teaching you how to make a fun wall decor out of yarn. In this tutorial you will learn how to make pom poms using your cellphone, bobby pin, and a fork... that's right you heard me right! I love providing fun craft tutorials that make use of what you may already have lying around your house. 

Step 1:Materials

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You will need the following materials to complete this DIY wall hanging decor:

- yarn

- scissors

- cell phone

- glue gun

- fork


-bobby pin

Step 2:Wrap your fork or cellphone

Wrap your fork or cellphone_dearlives
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Take the yarn and wrap the yarn around your cellphone or fork. The cellphone will create bigger pom poms, and the fork will create smaller pom poms. The more yarn your wrap around your cellphone, the fluffier the pom pom will be!

Step 3:Tie the ball of yarn

Tie the ball of yarn_dearlives
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Once you have a good size ball of yarn on your phone, you are going to slip off the yarn. Be sure to hold on tightly, so the yarn does not slip off. Next you will take another piece of yarn and tie the ball of yarn. This will hold your pom pom together.

Step 4:Cut your pom pom

Cut your pom pom_dearlives
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Now that you have your pom pom secured, you must cut the yarn! Cut along the edge of ball of yarn.

Step 5:Trim the Pom Pom

Trim the Pom Pom_dearlives
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Once all of the yarn has been cut open, you must trim the yarn. You will end up with a nice round and fluffy pom pom. I recommend you trim over a bowl, as this step can get pretty messy!

Step 6:Lay out your pom poms

Lay out your pom poms_dearlives
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Once you have made all of your pom poms, lay them out in the way you would like them to hang. This will give you a nice visual of how your wall decor will look. 

Step 7:String your pom poms together

String your pom poms together_dearlives
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Like I mentioned earlier, you will need a bobby pin. I used my bobby pin as a needle to thread all of the pom poms together. Attach a string to the bobby pin and thread the string through the middle of each pom pom. If you are having a hard time visualizing this step, I recommend you watch my video! 

I hope you enjoyed this easy DIY yarn wall decor tutorial.


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Kate Brown Love your voice ! Aweseom pom pom wall hanging.

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