DIY Indigo Dye Swaddle Blanket

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Really into dye these days. It is amazing to change the color. Wait and see how it looks by myself. So i decided to buy some dye kit, and dye a swaddle blanket. So this is how it camp up:  

Step 1:Dying white blanket to blue

Dying white blanket to blue_dearlives
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Here you can follow the dyeing instruction on your dye kit. (Here i used Rit brand, you can also try Jacquard dye kit) . Leave the blanket in for a while to get the desired blue.  Wait for enough time to get dyed.  

Now pull the blanket out, and washing it until no color fading. Leave it in air until it gets dried. 

Step 2:Twist the blanket

Twist the blanket _dearlivesTwist the blanket _dearlives
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Start twisting the blanket in one corner, adding rubber bands every 2 inches or so as you go. You can use some small stones as the fillings. Then twist it with rubber bands. Try to twist it as hard as you can. You can also use more rubber bands to fix it. To make sure that the rubber bands wouldn’t easily to change the position. Let the twist completely up in a long strip shape, it would able to control the applied bleach in next step. 

Step 3:Applying bleach carefully

Applying bleach carefully_dearlives
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Now with rubber gloves, a stainless steel barrel, start applying bleach only around the rubber bands carefully. (Application tools can help you a lot to applying the bleach uniformly). You can follow the bleach instruction from its box. Then put it into the barrel and wait for at least 12 hours. Don’t took it for a long while just relax and wait. It will works so magic. 

Step 4:Unroll your blanket

Unroll your blanket_dearlives
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With rubber gloves again, remove the rubber bands, unroll your blanket. Now wash it thoroughly.  You can check how it looks after drying. 

Use bleach to shape the pattern is an easy version, not so difficult as plant dying. Hope this will do some help to you guys. 


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