Make a plant table with the pallets !


Used Wooden Pallets (you can find them everywhere )

Acrylic pigment,



☝Remove the board from the pallets .

☝.Remove the nails

☝The material of Pallets is always coarse,Polish with abrasive paper.

↑Permutation and combination to be a table frame

↑Install the legs with nails ,Leave the flower pot location empty .

↑Making Plants pot

Bind the bottom to the board 


Make a 25px slot to make sure the water can leakage .

Make the edge of the pot with Small pieces of wood

↑Acrylic pigment can be used to make its color tone uniform.

↑Brush varnish after dry .

Dried up,and Pave a gauze on the plant pot to hould the soil and Small stones


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