Red dreamcatcher wall art wall hanging _dearlivesRed dreamcatcher wall art wall hanging _dearlives

small siren dreamcatcher!!! red and black,the D-shaped black hoop is a vintage purse handle,weave is done in red embroidery thread, i added a couple of black beads in the center weave,red and black ribbon,black sequin ribbon,vintage red lace and red trim,i added a couple of large red beads to the black ribbon fringe with some black rooster tail feathers, ready to hang!! the wooden D- hoop is 4 in. tall by 6 1/2 in wide, length is 22 inches total including the loop for hanging, thanks for stopping by!! have a sweet day guys!!!


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Erika Carver Yes I have more pictures,they were too big to download to this site,I will crop them an try downloading again thanks!!
Tressa Gibson This is so special ! Is there any more pictures ? 

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