Don't Stop Eight Note Cup Mat /休むな!8分音符ちゃん

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Step 1: Attach Double-Side tape on the cardboard

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Step 2:Spiral the pink rope and stick on the cardboard

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Step 3:Spiral around the pink twine with white twine ,and make the other parts as well .

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And Evenly apply white glue on the surface ,When it dry up ,remove it from the cardboard with a knife helps .

Step 4:Paste the twine part and no-woven part together ,and finish it !

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For a while I was particularly fascinated by the game‘’Don't stop  eighth note (休むな!8分音符ちゃん)" The eight note is really cute so I made a cup mat with it as a model ,hope you like it and vote for me . I  think it will be nice when your mother  see your cup mat under her glass .


  • No-woven
  • Hemp rope
  • Cardboard
  • Glue
  • White Glue
  • Double-sided Tape


Sorry, liked already!


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