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Step 1:Fix the dandelion

Fix the dandelion_dearlivesFix the dandelion_dearlivesFix the dandelion_dearlives
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It is difficult to fix the shape when we got the dandelion from the wild. Here i use the cheapest way to make it fixed. Use the syringe to suck a little adhesive glue, and then inject glue on the seeds. After the glue got air dried, you can hang it down the ground for the future use.  

Step 2:Get your resin

Get your resin _dearlives
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Time to organize the resin, mixing cup, stirring stick. Mixing the resin according the the resin kit specifications. Be sure to follow the same direction while stirring. The resin will turbid at first and will be a little clear after a while. If you have vacuum foaming machine, you can use it to remove the bubbles. If not, you can put it in warm water for 1-2 minute then start stirring again. The temperature is just like your bath water. 

Step 3:Casting the dandelion

Casting the dandelion_dearlivesCasting the dandelion_dearlivesCasting the dandelion_dearlives
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Secure dandelion in cube tray with cotton thread and tape. Now you can pour resin into the ice cube tray. The tray is of silicone material, making it easy to release the mold. 

Tips: First add half amount of the mold. You should wait until first half has been cured. Keep checking the temperature of it every half hour. If it gets a little warm, put it into refrigerator to cool it down. Then do the same for another half part of the cube tray. 

Step 4:Pop it out and polish

Pop it out and polish _dearlivesPop it out and polish _dearlivesPop it out and polish _dearlivesPop it out and polish _dearlives
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It takes some time for the resin to harden completely especially the corners and surface part, do not open it immediately. You have to wait for at least 24 hours.  You can use hand saw or other cutting tools to cut off excess part. Do not cut too fast. You can polish the edge with sandpaper. Keep sanding until you feel ok with the shape. 

So this is i made for my mom, since she is fond of dandelion. But this one is not very transparent, i am wondering if there is any ways to improve it ? Please share your ideas. 


  • Ice resin
  • Dandelion
  • Syringe
  • Stirring stick
  • Mixing cup
  • Ice cube tray
  • Thin strings
  • Sand paper
  • Adhesive glue for fix the dandelion
  • Tape


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