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Step 1:Process the plant dye

Process the plant dye_dearlivesProcess the plant dye_dearlives
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Prepare indigo plant dye liquor. And then dye the pure cotton fabric with the method of hanging dye due to there is a necessary of gradient color.Then waiting for its air dry.

Step 2:Process the embroidery

Process the embroidery_dearlives
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Making several fish pattern embroidery with vertical length embroiders.

Step 3:Process the sewing of coin purse

Process the sewing of coin purse_dearlivesProcess the sewing of coin purse_dearlivesProcess the sewing of coin purse_dearlives
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Draw an outline of of this coin purse and then cut it down along your drawing line. Then begin to sew them together and sew the purse frame on the top of the purse. Also you can add some decoration. The product can be a present for you to send to your friends or your Mom.


  • Pure Cotton Fabric: 20*30cm
  • Auxiliary cotton:20*30cm 180g
  • Pure Cotton Lining:20*30cm
  • Purse Frame:8.5 width, Bronze-coloured
  • Pure Cotton Thread
  • Needles


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