Handmade Mom a Leather Bracelet

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Step 1:Prepare the measurements

Prepare the measurements _dearlives
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Remember to measure your mom’s wrist circumference. It it the most basic measurements we need for this gift. Then cut a piece of leather with a utility knife and punch holes on both sides with an awl. 

Step 2:Add beads on the leather

Add beads on the leather_dearlives
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Get through a string of copper beads with a rope, leaving enough threads on both sides the strip. 

Step 3:Position the rose quartz

Position the rose quartz _dearlives
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Cut a strip of threads, get it through the hole on the one side of the leather. Add rose quartz on the thread, then do the same for another hole of the leather. Then knotted. And cut out the excessive threads. You can choose other material that your mom is fond of for decoration. 

Step 4:Setting the copper beads

Setting the copper beads_dearlivesSetting the copper beads_dearlives
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Now you can tie the copper beads along the edges of the rose quartz. Them make a dead knot for the thread. So that beads and rose quartz would not fall off easily. 

Isn’t it a good idea for giving mom your handmade gift ? This is leather bracelet with rose quartz is an easy one to make. Just have a try ! 


  • 1 pcs of leather (5.5inch width or based on the wrist length )
  • Some rose quartz
  • Copper beads
  • Awl
  • Threads ( for the beads and rose quartz)
  • Utility knife


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