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Step 1:You can watch video tutorial first

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Step 2:Disassemble the hanger

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Straighten the bend parts with a pair of pliers after disassembling. Then remove the coating of the straight hanger with knife. 

Step 3:Measure the length you need

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Wrap the wire around the cylindrical object to measure the required size you need. Cut off excess wire. 

Step 4:Bend a round hoop and tie both ends of the wire.

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It would be easier to bend the hoop and tie both ends of the wire with the use of a pair of pliers. And then adjust the shape if it looks not so round as you want. 

Step 5:Wrapping the hook with strings

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Use thin strings when wrapping and make sure there is no space left out. It would be better to wrap it in one direction. Tie a double or triple knot on the end after finish the wrapping part. 

Step 6: Loop the thin string around the hoop

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Loop the thin string around the hoop starting with tie a knot on any position. Then warp the thin strings around the hoop like try not to miss any part. Loop the string around the midpoint of the first line of thread to create the second layer of web. Continue weaving the thread this way on the other layers. Same layer, same direction would looks better.

Step 7:Pull the strings tight

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In order to secure the stability of the web, try to pull the strings tightly as possible. 

Step 8:Loop beads into the web on the 5-6 layer

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You can either space them out randomly, or create a pattern by placing a bead on every other string. 

Step 9:Secure the web with a knot

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Tie a fast knot which would make the web more sturdy after finishing looping beads. 

Step 10:Start decorating your dreamcatcher

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Decorating your dream catcher with feathers or anything you like !  It can be feathers, beads, shells, etc. The best decoration is something with your personal characteristics. 

Hope it can catch some good memories of your dream.  May you have a nice dream ! 


  • Strings for the web
  • Iron wire Hanger
  • Decorative Materials ( feathers , strips, beads, shells )


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