Orange Bath Bombs Tutorial

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Orange Bath Bombs Tutorial

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Mother's Day is getting closer ,I’ve been wondering my mom’s  gift recently. I’ve seen Bath ballistics when I’m  shopping with my girlfriend.An idea flashed into my mind. She likes bathing a lot ,Why not make some bath bombs for  her by myself ?I found some tutorials online and do it !

First of all ,you should prepare the materials and tools that you may use ,The process is really simple and I  believe everyone can do it .

Materials and tools I used:     Oliva Oil  ,  CitricAcid 1.5oz  , Corn starch 1.5oz ,  Soda Ash 3oz  ,Baysalt  0.7oz ,      Milk 20ml ,       Ball Mould  ,     Orange   Food Colouring and awl.

Then mixed the CitricAcid,Corn starch,Soda Ash and Baysalt in your container and pour the mixed milk and food  colouring in .

Add two spoons of oliva oil and drop some orange oil into the powder

Compaction in the ball moulds and wait for 6 hours .

Demoulding and insert the leaves to decoration, then your first bath bomb is well done now .

Hope that my Mom will love the orange bubble bath,and wish you enjoy it .

Happy mother's day to every mother in the world .


  • Oliva Oil
  • CitricAcid 1.5oz
  • Corn starch 1.5oz
  • Soda Ash 3oz
  • Baysalt 0.7oz
  • Milk 20ml
  • Ball Mould
  • Orange Food Colouring
  • Awl


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