How to Make Madder Dye- Dye a scarf for Mother’s Day

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Step 1: Prepare a silk cloth or other natural fabrics

 Prepare a silk cloth or other natural fabrics_dearlives
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Madder dye is a kind of plant dye which is quite healthy for human beings. So a madder dyed scarf can be a good choice as a gift of Mothers Day.

Prepare a silk cloth or other natural fabrics. Fold the cloth according to the way of tie dye folding. Then soak it in the mordant solution(metal salt solution).

Step 2:Prepare the dye liquor

Prepare the dye liquor_dearlives
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Put the madder root into the stainless steel kettle and then add some water (the ratio of water and madder root is 8:1)

Step 3:Process the dye

Process the dye _dearlivesProcess the dye _dearlives
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Boil the madder root and water for about 30-40 min and then turn off the fire(pay attention to the temperature during the process, and it is better not to make it boiling). Then put the soak cloth into the dye liquor for about 10 min. Then take it out. Boil the madder root again for 40 min and turn off the fire in order to gain a dark color. Put the dyed cloth into the liquor again.

Step 4:Wash the dyed cloth and make it dry

Wash the dyed cloth and make it dry_dearlivesWash the dyed cloth and make it dry_dearlives
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Take out the cloth from the liquor and clean it with clear water. Then make it dry in air. And you will find a natural dyed scarf. Make an elegant package and you can send it to your mom with an intimate card.


  • Madder Root
  • Metal Salt


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