DIY Sewing kit box for mother’s day gift

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Step 1: Prepare needed satin cloth

 Prepare needed satin cloth_dearlives
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First we need to measure the glasses case. It is necessary to reserve enough cloth whether it is lining or on the surface. However, it should be noted that the middle part of the glasses case needs to be folded, so we should reserve another 2 cm at this part. You can choose the fabric which your mom, or grandma loves most. 

Step 2: Cutting the cloth

 Cutting the cloth_dearlives Cutting the cloth_dearlives
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We can start to cut the fabric according to the size we have measured before. Arc shape part can be assisted with a circular tray. Stick the surface fabric to the glasses case with glue ( Mod Podge is recommended here ). All the edges of the fabric can be cut to serration using sawtooth scissors. 

Step 3: Paste the fabric

 Paste the fabric_dearlives Paste the fabric_dearlives Paste the fabric_dearlives
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Apply glue on the outside of the glasses case with the use of sponge brush. Covered glue will be smoother by using sponge brush. Make sure the fabric stuck has no air bubbles. Then we have to stick the lining cloth same as the surface part. Careful with the bubble.  Small tips: Cut a ribbon and paste it into the interface to beautify this gift. 

Step 4: Make a sewing pin holder

 Make a sewing pin holder_dearlives Make a sewing pin holder_dearlives Make a sewing pin holder_dearlives Make a sewing pin holder_dearlives
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Making a square cloth bag, fill the cloth bag with sponge or other fillings. And you can enlighten this by sewing a button on the cloth bag. Now i am starting to put my mom’s sewing kit into this handmade gift.  

Haha, i chosen my mom’s old glasses case. And she is fond of sewing works. So i choose to turn her glasses case into a sewing box. No, into a mother’s day gift,right ? 


  • Glasses case
  • Glue (Mod podge)
  • Sponge brush
  • A piece of satin cloth
  • Hot glue


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