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Step 1:Select out the rose petals

Select out the rose petals_dearlives
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Pick the rose petal for later use. We should chose the fresh rose so that the rose water could be much clear.

Step 2:Put a glass bowl

Put a glass bowl _dearlives
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Put an upside-down glass bowl into the steamer and then put another glass bowl on this upside-down bowl.

Step 3:Put into the rose petal

Put into the rose petal_dearlivesPut into the rose petal_dearlives
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Put the rose petal into the steamer(not into the glass bowl). Next we should add the distilled water, until it submerge the petal.

And then cover the pot cover. This is very important, due to the handle should towards the above glass bowl. And we could put a bag of ice cube on the pot cover and do not allowed the ice water flow into the exhaust hole of the pot cover.

Step 4:Keep boiling

Keep boiling _dearlives
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Keep boiling for 0.5h with slow fire and you can turn off the fire until you found the color of petal have been changed entirely. Then you make it. And after you cooling it, you could pour it into your Small Spray Bottle. Rose water is quite necessary during the fall season, since the air is very dry. 

Now we have handmade our rose. Perfect gift idea, right ? 


  • Fresh Rose
  • Steamer with Clear Cover
  • Glass Bowl
  • Distilled Water
  • Ice Cube
  • 6.Small Spray Bottle


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