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Step 1:Draw an outline

Draw an outline _dearlivesDraw an outline _dearlives
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Paint an outline of a piece of leaves which is simple but beautiful (you can choose the plant you like most) on the black colored paper first. But pay attention to connect every part of leaves together.

Step 2:Fix the color

Fix the color _dearlives
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Fixed the painted color on the cutting mat, and then start the hollowed-out work.

Step 3:Stick the paper

Stick the paper _dearlivesStick the paper _dearlives
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Stick the sculptural paper on the background plate. And then fold every leaves in curl.

Step 4:Fix the shape

Fix the shape _dearlivesFix the shape _dearlives
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Stick this work to the double sticks and fix them with drawing pins.



  • Colored Paper
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Graver
  • Drawing pin
  • Rope
  • Semicircle Rod


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