Dandelion Paper Sculpture Lampshade

3 Steps
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Step 1:Prepare a template of dandelion

Prepare a template of dandelion _dearlives
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Draw the outline of dandelion on a paper and print it out.

Step 2:Process the sculpture one by one

Process the sculpture one by one_dearlivesProcess the sculpture one by one_dearlives
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Cut the both end of mineral water bottle and leave it 20cm height. And then fix the template on the cutting mate and begin the incision along with the pattern on the template. Then use the butter knife make the patter as a three-dimensional pattern where the light can travel through it .

Step 3:Stick the sculpture paper in cylindrical

Stick the sculpture paper in cylindrical_dearlivesStick the sculpture paper in cylindrical_dearlives
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Fix the pattern which you have already finished the sculpture around the cut mineral water bottle. And the LED light can be installed now.


  • Ivory Board
  • Led Light
  • Mineral Water Bottle
  • X-acto Knife
  • Cutting Mat
  • Adhesive Tape


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