Shibori with Indigo Blue Dye Process Tutorial At Home

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Step 1: Set up the indigo dye bath

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Prepare a basin of 122℉ warm water, then pour 200g Indigo dye , 20g soda ash and 50g reducing agent ( thiox or hydrosulfate ) into the warm water. It's best to work outdoors, if possible, because things can get messy and you're working with dye. Make sure you are wearing rubber gloves, so that your home would not be get into a mess. 

Step 2: Stir well the indigo dye liquor gently

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With the stir shovel, stir the indigo dye liquor gently until all is fully dissolved in the water. Skim the foam while stirring. Once you feel all ingredients is fully mixed, slow down and time to move on to next step. 

Step 3: Tie your indigo dye patterns

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Here list three methods for you. Or you can use some templates to help with the tie dye pattern

Method 1: Accordion Tie

Fold the fabric in half and than go ahead and fold it again and again, and do accordion folds until to the end. Use the boards to tighten the fabric. Tied tightly with cotton rope. Adjust the spacing between lines.

Method 2 : Spiral Tie

Pinch and begin to twirl fabric where you want the center of the spiral to be. Continue twirling fabric. Wrap with rubber bands.

Method 3 : Bamboo Tie  

Fold the fabric into line and wrap with rubber bands homogeneous. Make the fabric looks like a soft bamboo. 

Step 4: Soak your tied fabrics

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Once you’ve folded your fabrics, cotton or silk, it’s time to dye. First we have to prewash all the fabrics. Soak tied fabrics into water. 

Step 5: Dye the fabric

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Put fabrics into dye liquor, after applying dye to one side, flip each piece over and repeat the process. The fabric will look much darker when wet, don’t panic! The more times you dye ,The darker color you will get. You can soak your fabrics almost any length of time. We found that the fabric would not absorb much more dye after 24 hours. 

Step 6: Rinse in water repeatedly

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Leaving ties on, rinse in water repeatedly to stop the dye reaction. Then untie fabrics, rinse in water again to remove the dye attached to the fabrics surface. Keep rinsing until water runs clear and no color fading anymore.


You can use the fabric to make table cloth, canvas bag, cup mats, napkin paper holder or something else you like.   



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