DIY Paracord Pet Transaction Leash Tutorial

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Step 1:Pass the thread

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Fold the thread in half and pass it through the dog clips until 1.2m/3.9ft thread have been passed already. Remember to measure it if you are not good at DIY jobs as me or wants to make it looks as perfect as possible. A ruler tape would help you a lot. 

Step 2:Make a knot to fix threads

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Make a knot to fix threads. It should be knotted individually on two threads. Make the knots looks same as the other one. You have to knot it as beautiful as you can at this part. Coz this is the starting part of our pet transaction leash. 

Step 3:Start the reef knot

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Keep weaving until 40cm long spool thread left. Fold this 40cm long spool thread in half and then end with reef knots on this folded threads. Repeat making reef knots as as you go. 

Careful with every knot as you can, you will find the leash is no worse than the goods you bought in stores. 

Step 4:Cut off excess thread

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Finish excess thread. Continue making reef knots in order to deal with the joint. Cut off thread hanging and heat them with a lighter in case of any loose thread. Try to make them looks neatly.  If you don’t want to damage your work at the very last part. Then we finished our pet leash. 

Hope your pets would like it . You can share your pictures of your work to me. Looking forward to your sharing ! And hope you guys like this tutorial. 


  • Lobster Clasps
  • Nylon Rope
  • Finish Length
  • Ruler Tape


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