Easy Tips For Making Your Own Christmas Tree Ornaments

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Step 1:We can make some small decorations for our Christmas tree at Christmas time.

We can make some small decorations for our Christmas tree at Christmas time. _dearlives
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Perfect and easy way to make your own decorations at home. I made this lazy decorations for last winter. Share with you all this year. Hope you will like it or make some fantastic changes. Pls leave your comment if you have some idea. 

Step 2:Cut the cardboard

Cut the cardboard_dearlives
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Cut the cardboard into a round shape or hexagon pattern. Then cut out narrow blade along the edge using scissors. 

Step 3:Wrap the yarn, don’t be too deliberate

Wrap the yarn, don’t be too deliberate_dearlives
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Wrap the yarn symmetrically along the narrow blade. Don’t be too deliberate. 

When weaving, we don't need to be too deliberate. Just follow your own idea. If you are not satisfy with this pattern, just start it over. Make it on your own.  

Step 4:Using different weaving methods

Using different weaving methods_dearlivesUsing different weaving methods_dearlives
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If you want to make it in different patterns, just use different weaving methods. It is so easy to change the pattern by yourself. 

See how it looks ?  Is It fast to make and looks beautiful ? There gonna be some other patterns better than this one. Really want to hear you guys feedback ! 


  • Cardboard
  • Colorful Yarn
  • Scissors


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