DIY Solid Wood Table Lamp With Square Shape Lampshade

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Step 1:Supplies and tools

Supplies and tools_dearlivesSupplies and tools_dearlivesSupplies and tools_dearlivesSupplies and tools_dearlives
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Cut two of wood boards into 45-degree bevels assemble them with other two boards together using hammer and nails, finishing the color, drilling and installing one LED bulb lamp, fix it on the table using glue. Then you make it ! 

Step 2:Assembly lampshade

Assembly lampshade _dearlivesAssembly lampshade _dearlivesAssembly lampshade _dearlivesAssembly lampshade _dearlives
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Cut two of wood boards into 45-degree bevels. Drill a hole which diameter is enough for a wire to pass on one of the rest two boards. Put two cut boards on opposite side with the rest boards. Make it into a square shape lampshade. Use hammer with wood nails to assembly the lampshade. 

Step 3:Finish the color

Finish the color _dearlives
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Color wooden boards. Finish the color with your favorite one, vintage style are highly recommend ! Or you can choose the color suits for the table, or decorations in your home. 

Step 4:Install the lamp

Install the lamp _dearlivesInstall the lamp _dearlives
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Prepare LED lamp, install the lamp through the hole.

Noted: Cut the wire before install the lamp through the hole and reconnect the lamp with its wire after installing. 

Step 5:Fix the table lamp

Fix the table lamp _dearlivesFix the table lamp _dearlives
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Use glue ( Resisto 850 ) to fix the square boards on the table. Stick just one side would looks better. 

Do you happy with your handmade table lamp ?  That's it. Enjoy your new table lamp. 


  • Wood Boards
  • LED Bulb Light
  • Drill
  • Wood nails
  • Glue
  • Varnish
  • Hammer


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