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Step 1:Prepare Every Part of Paul Frank

Prepare Every Part of Paul Frank_dearlives
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A handmade doll may draw your attention while you are strolling out of the showcase. This is a tutorial to teach you how to make such one by yourself step by step. As we all know that Paul Frank is one of the most popular cartoon figure.

Prepare a pair of socks at first. Of course you should choose socks which look nice if you would like to make a beautiful doll. 

Let’s get start making with the arms of Paul Frank. Cut the leg of a stocking into two pieces and then cut these two pieces down from the ankle part to Achilles part. Then sew the other two edges together when both of them are full of cotton.

After finishing making arms, the tail could be made by cut down a slim part from the instep of the stocking. Also sew the other two edges together after making the part full of cotton.

Also remember to make two ears of Mr Paul Frank by cutting down two pieces of the stocking, putting some cotton to make ears full and sewing the other edges together.

After all these parts are finished, let’s begin to make the body of Mr Paul Frank. Choose another stocking and cut the leg of the stocking into two pieces( here, you should be careful to not cut them down). Make the cotton to full of all this stocking and then sew every edges of the legs together. Also sew every part, such as arms, the tail ans ears to this body.

Finally, adding the big mouth to the body which you have cut down from the stocking. Cut the mouth part and then sew the cut hell part of the stocking to the snip part. Then make eyes by adding two black buttons. 

Step 2:Enjoy The Finished Product Of Your Handmade Doll

Enjoy The Finished Product Of Your Handmade Doll_dearlivesEnjoy The Finished Product Of Your Handmade Doll_dearlives
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Until now, you can have a cute Mr Paul Frank which is totally made by yourself.


  • Scissor
  • Needles
  • Threads
  • Fill Cotton
  • A pair of socks


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