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Step 1:Paint White Pigments

Paint White Pigments_dearlivesPaint White Pigments_dearlivesPaint White Pigments_dearlivesPaint White Pigments_dearlives
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Paint white acrylic around the stone first with three layers. Please pay attention to paint another layer after the previous one have dried already.

Step 2:Paint the Gradient Color

Paint the Gradient  Color_dearlives
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Different pigments should be painted from the left to the right in order to show a sense of gradient.

The left part should be painted with the mixing of white(lot) + earthy yellow(little) + grey(little); Then mixing the  white(little) + earthy yellow(moderate) + titanium blue(moderate) to paint the middle part. Finally, mixing the white(little) + titanium(moderate) + grey(moderate) to paint the right part. Same method of mixing the color could be used and painted from shallow to deep. Print the small dots on the stone by dipping some white and much water on sponge.

Step 3:Draw a Moon

Draw a Moon_dearlives
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Draw a moon with the mixing of white(lot) + earthy yellow.

Step 4:Draw Wintersweet and Snow

Draw Wintersweet and Snow _dearlives
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Draw branches of wintersweet with black and flowers with white and titanium blue. Then draw flower pistils with line draw pen. Snow are needed to paint on the branches. Dipping some white color and much water then tap out small white dots on the stone with another pen in order to make a look of falling stone.


  • Stone
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Ink Brush
  • Broad Brush
  • Line drawing pen


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Paula Barros So beautiful!
Raysa Colon I think such final work can not be easily finished if someone only refer to this tutorial without any painting skills.
Robert Spaulding Pretty!
Robin Sullivan Amazing to paint such beautiful scene on the stone.
Mirna Torres wow ~
linda melton as linda, i tried on an egg like this also.
lisa lindemuth I made similar thing before. But that is on an egg. It is quite funny.

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