How to Make a Decorative Round Cotton Rope Package Tutorial


Preparing Two pieces of cotton rope about 9 meters long, a hot melt adhesive, a yellow tassels, a jewelry cord, a plate;

Main Steps:

1. Adding hot melt adhesive at the bottom of the rope and then stuck in circle and circle;

2. As the circle is big enough, in order to pin the shape, a heavy thing such as a plate is needed to put on the rope ;

3. After the circle is done, 20cm cotton rope should be left in order to make a rope handle;

4. Making the other circle in the same way, and then saw these two together;

5. After the reinforce of the rim of the circle, a bright yellow tassels could be added.



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Raysa Colon Nice!
leslie meassick :)
roya arshadnia This is a decorative bag without any functional use. But I am quite interested in this.
Nancy Tam It's very simple ,but very nice on the wall

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