1. Adhesive Tape

2. 36 Inches long Cotton Rope whose diameter is 5/16 inches

Main Steps:

Step 1: Leave the rope about 8-inch long at one end. Twine it around your index finger down. Then twine the rope around the middle finger bottom up.

Step 2: Twine around the rope as the way show in step one again and make sure that each fingers have two laps of rope.

Step 3: Pull out the bottom lap from the middle finger and then keep only one lap left.

Step 4: Shift the end of rope between fingers to make sure that there is a knot. At this time, there will be only one lap on each finger.


Step 5: Twine around the index finger again.

Step 6: Twine around the middle finger bottom-up.

Step 7: Pull out the bottom lap from the middle finger.

Step 8: Then pull out the bottom lap from theindex finger.


Step 9: Repeat above four steps and there will be a longer knot rope. Leave five inch long and cut it down when it comes to end.

Step 10: Pass the tail you have leaved at the begin through the fifth knot. Then wind the knot rope in circle.

Step 11: This tail should be passed through every circle when you wind the knot rope in order to fix each of them.

Step 12: Try your best to wind each circle tightly.


Step 13: When it comes to the last circle, in order to fix it, this tail should be passed through the inner circle, too.

Step 14: Leave about 1 inch long rope at the end of rope and then twine the adhesive tape in case of any rope out.

Step 15: Finally, cut down the redundant rope.






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Pat Alianiello Elegant coaster.
Paula Barros Not too difficult and I want to have a try.
Robert Spaulding Maybe this requires flexible finger weaving.
krystal montagano Good!
Robin Sullivan Magic weaving .
Sima Wazirri Love it.
lisa lindemuth And where could i buy the rope.
lisa lindemuth TRYTRYTRY
leslie meassick Wow! Really like it.
Molly Trytten Nice design
Rosemarie Gragg Attractive! And it is quite surprised that a coaster can be made only with fingers.
linda melton Cool, I love this
Tina Hamilton Anyone gonna make it for sale?
Wanda Townsend Beautiful, want to try!
Nancy Tam Could you pls share the link of the rope with me ?Thank you very much .
yeleidy collado Can I share it on Facebook ,Twitter, Instagram, etc.?
yeleidy collado Can I share it on Facebook ,Twitter, Instagram, etc.?

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