Material: wool, scissors, winding template or plastic small circle, cardboard.

1. Cut the template, attach it to the cardboard, cut the model, cut a gap in the two small plastic circles, and start winding the wool on it.

2. The more wool around, the Pom Pom will be more fluffy.

3. Cut the wool along the middle.

4. Then use a 30cm of wool to tie in the middle. than you can take it off from the template.

5. Use scissors to trim the Pom Pom, a lovely Pom Pom has been done.


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Xue zugang @Wanda Townsend :Me too
Wanda Townsend Will try today and add it on my hat. Thanks
sandy topkin This is quite easy to learn and show me a sense of warm during this winter season. I like it!

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