Wire bird cage ornaments DIY


Material: wire, bottle cap, nails, hammer and pliers.

1. Take a hammer and nails, open a hole in the side of the cap.

2. Remember to take pieces of wood or other things to the bottle cap, or the cap is very easy to deform.

3. Total open 6 holes, the same distance apart.

4. Apply color to the bottle cap and allow to dry.

5. Cut the same length of wire, twisted into U characters.

6. Unscrew the two hooks.

7. Put the hook in a symmetrical hole.

8. Wire together.

9. The other three wires are handled like this.

10. Wire together, and take another small piece of wire tie a bit.

11. Expand the wire.

12. And then take another three iron wire.

13 From the side of the cage is wound one turn.

14. All three wires operate this way.

15. Then take a wire, make a small hook.

16. Install to the top of the cage.

17. Cut off excess wire.

18. Finally, tidy, a cute little bird cage has been done.


19. Find a glass bottle, and then collect some branches, hung up the bird cage.


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linda melton cool, i could teach my little brother to make one!

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