Embroidery Thread Lampshade

Materials and Tools:

1. Scissor

2. Hemp Rope

3. Masking Tape

4. Drop light Suite

5. Embroidery Thread and Bulb

6. Lampshade Frame (two frame with the same diameter)


Main Steps

Step 1: Fix the two frame together with masking tape.


Step 2: Twine the embroidery thread around the frame up and down with different color of thread. But pay attention to the interval among every thread which you have twined.

Step 3: After the twine, add a hanging rope and put into a bulb which have install the lamp holder.


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Paul Smith Pretty good.
Raysa Colon This is creative and functional use.
Robert Spaulding Great!
linda melton Really love it. I can't believe that this is made by hand!
Rosemarie Gragg I can't agree more with this design!
Sandy Topkin This is a creative idea! I can make such unique lampshade by recycle using of my framework.

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