DIY handmade plant embossed candle shade

2017-11-22 150302 (1).jpg

Materials and Tools: disposable chopsticks, wax paper, hot melt adhesive, flower leaves, candle, tape.

2017-11-22 150302 (2).jpg

1. spread your flowers and leaves on the wax paper, cover with another piece, and iron them together.

2017-11-22 150302 (3).jpg

2. Then stick 4 waxed papers together with adhesive tape, take the hot melt adhesive stick to disposable chopsticks, as skeleton of lantern.

2017-11-22 150302 (1).jpg

3. Embossed candle shade will be completed.


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Mike krebs Amazing creation
Sabrina Millen And also, would you mind to show us if these are fresh plants or dried ?
Sabrina Millen The plants that are covered among the wax paper looks beautiful!

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