Materials and Tools: broken glass, nail polish, black wax rope, a pair of clamshell, glue or double-sided tape, scissors .

1. wiped water on the glass, brush a layer of glue evenly on the cup surface (or wrap a layer of double-sided tape), after the glue dried then to color it.

2.start to color it, you can free control the pattern. When drawing brown need to pay attention to whether the edges are flat. the transfer of gold and blue parts with black wax rope Crochet.

3.After the color is dry, paste the black wax rope on rim of broken cup, then color it and finish the edge banding.  after the clamshell is glued with glue, Edge with dark nail polish outline.

4. Wait for all colors to dry , then apply a layer of clear nail polish to prevent fade.


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linda melton good idea.

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