Plant dye tutorial - scouring and dyeing pillowcase

Materials and tools: turmeric powder, cotton pillowcase, stockpot, rubber band.


Step 1: Prepare a stainless steel stockpot, add 3/4 of water, add 5 spoons of turmeric powder, then heat the water until boiling.


Step 2: Put the pillow cover right side up, then tie it to many small pieces with a rubber band as picture shows.


Step 3: After finishing tie the pillowcase, put it in clean water to make it completely soaked, then wring the excess water.


Step 4: Put the pillowcase into the turmeric dye, and make it completely immersed. Boil it for about an hour , and stir it every 15 minutes at the mean time.


Step 5: After an hour, turn off the heat, cool down for 15 minutes, then take out the pillowcase and rinse it with clear water to remove the excess color.


Step 6: Remove all rubber bands, and spread the pillow case.


Step 7: Air-dry the pillowcase. Please remember that do not dry it with machine or wring it out.


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Molly Trytten You make those balls by yourself ?
Scott Reseburg Look forward to getting to know you and sharing with you!
Vita Badalamenti Such a happy vibrant yellow!
Wanda Townsend I love plant dye, thanks for your sharing.
Nancy Tam This looks awesome!

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