Beer bottle
Rolling pin
clock core

1.Choose a top larger ceramic cup, down on the table.

2.Take a piece of brown soft pottery,  Make a slightly thick piece with rolling pin (or

pressing machine), wrapped 1/2 of the mug's surface

3. Poke a hole on the center

4.Cut the beer cans into 3mm strip ,put it around the soft clay .(To avoid deforming curl after

dry  )

5. Make another piece of soft pottery cover on the beer can strips .

6. Then,Use some small pieces of soft pottery to decorate the surface

7.Place the finished work into oven and bake at temperature 240 ℉ to 300℉ for 20

min.Then,Divide the work off the Mug after cooler .

8.Put the clock core on the work ,Then ,Finish .


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