Tools and Materials:

1. Woolen yarn

2. Hide rope

3. Bead

4. Craft glue

5. Feather

6. Hardware fitting

7. Metal hoops

8. String lights

9. Scissor

10. Tape measure

11. Pliers

Main Step:

Step 1: Wrapping Metal Hoops

Holding the end of the yarn against the hoop, make sure there are no space between the pieces of yarns. You can glued yarns around the hoop which helps yarns stay in place. Keep wrapping all the way around the hoop and back to the starting point. Finish wrapping with a small binder clip.


Step 2: Weaving the Web

Start by tying a knot at the top of the hoop. Tie a double or triple knot to ensure that the string lights is secure. And then loop the string around the hoop and back over itself to create a hitch. Make sure to pull all the string tight to ensure it before moving on to the next loop.Loop the string around the entire frame until you reach the top of the hoop where you started.Once you reach the top, loop the string around the hoop next to the starting knot.Create the second layer of web. Loop the string around the midpoint of the first line of thread. Using the same technique, loop it around the string and over itself to create a hitch. Continue weaving the thread this way until you reach the top of the hoop. Always repeat the weaving like this until  a small circle forms in the middle.


Step 3: Decorating Your Dreamcatcher

Place a bead on the string before you loop and hitch it to the next string. You can either space them out randomly, or create a pattern by placing a bead on every other string. Tie some hide rope and feather on the wrapper hoop.





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Quan Huynh Nice Dream Catcher!
Tina Hamilton I need one : )
Sabrina Houston Really attractive and beautiful.
Nancy Tam I like this piece of dream work

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