1. Napkin

2. Materials for Natural Dyeing( including black soya bean, purple cabbage, beet, turmeric)

3. White vinegar

4. Salt

5. Steamer

6. Funnel

7. Rubber gloves


Main Steps:

Step 1: Prepare dye fixing agent

Different dyestuff use different fixing agent. If we use the berry as dyestuff, the fixing agent should be saline water, and the proportion of the salt and water should be 1:16; While we choose natural plants as dyestuff, the fixing agent should be vinegar and the proportion of the vinegar and water should be 1:4. After we have made the fixing agent, we can soak the napkin into it. This process should be lasted for 1H and then wring it up.


Step 2: Prepare the dye stuff

Wearing Rubber gloves and cutting purple cabbage into pieces. Then put This Pieces into the steamer, adding twice as much water as the purple cabbage. And if we make turmeric, the amount should be every 4 cups of water, we add a teaspoon of turmeric. After we finished this, boil it first and then stew it with slow fire for about 1H(of course the longer, the better). 



As time goes, the dyestuff have been made. We can filter the dye liquor with funnel. Then we have the dyestuff. So soak the napkin which we have already wring up before. After several minutes, it can be dyed. And if you would like some deep color, just soak it longer.


Step 3: Rinse it with clear water

After you have finished your dyeing, Rinsing it with clear water and drying.




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