A Hedgehog Made of an Egg Box

A Hedgehog can be made through upcycling of the egg box. Let us discuss with you how you can make A Hedgehog by following some easy steps.

What are some steps to follow?

Let us start with some steps that you need to follow if you wish to do the recycling of an egg box to make a Hedgehog.

1. Collect the required materials

§ First of all, for the trash to treasure conversion, the main resource that you will need is an egg box.

§ Just collect all the necessary material including brushes and paints, cardboard, hot glue, scissors and a knife for cutting

These all are the tools that someone has in his hands to effectively perform the overall procedure

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1. Do appropriate cutting

§ Examine the shape of the A Hedgehog in a proper way. You need to cut an egg box in the same shape to make the face of A Hedgehog

§ For making the ears, you need to cut two pyramids from the bottom. Wisely check the shape of the ears. You need to do the neat cutting for having a nice look at the end. Try to follow a symmetrical procedure to get the required result at the end.

§ You need to fix those ears with the help of hot glue so, these will remain stick to their right position.

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3. Make the body of A Hedgehog

Now the little bit tough task is to make the body of A Hedgehog. Don't worry; it is not too tough, just follow the steps that we are going to show you:

§ For this purpose, collect a lot of needles. Without needles, it will become difficult for you to handle the body of A Hedgehog.

§ From each side of a pyramid, cut the needle

§ We suggest you use the flat side of the pyramid. The benefit of using the flat side is that use of glue will become easier and assembling of several parts will become convenient.

§ For each pyramid, you need to use for pyramids.

§ Try to adjust the needles identical

§ Combine the five needles on the face of A Hedgehog with the help of hot glue

§ Try to place the needle of each first row between the previous one. After placing them, you will finally get a solid structure.

§ For having an appropriate shape, you need to increase the distance of needles between each row.

§ We suggest you start them make closer after 8-10 rows. 

Finally, you will get the desired spherical shape of A Hedgehog.

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Make eyes and nose

§ You should use separate scraps of egg box to make eyes and nose of A Hedgehog. Cut the scraps in the shape of an eye and nose.

§ Adjust them with glue on a face of A Hedgehog and wait to dry the glue

§ After it will get dry, apply the appropriate colors on it through the paintbrush

§ Try to color the eyes and nose with black paint

Just follow these simple steps to easily utilize an egg box to make a Hedgehog.

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