The Features of Denim Weaving Fabric Why people loving it.

If you have a pair of jeans which is unusable for you never throw that away. It is because we have brought some incredible and creative options which you can make with these useless jeans. Creating amazing weaving with different colored jeans can give you a perfect piece of art which you can utilize with ease. So, just get your hands in a creative approach and follow the following process to get something incredible as an end result.

Materials you need

To make a beautiful denim weaving with your unwanted jeans you need to have the following material  

• 3 jeans pair of different colors.

• A marker

• Scissors

• Iron and iron board

• Ruler

• Plenty of pins

• A piece of fabric which can cover your project

• A fabric weaving needle

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Well, there are a lot of stores from where you can buy fabric weaving needle but if yours does not have then do not worry because we can make this by ourselves too. To make this needle, get a sturdy plastic piece, any utility knife, marker, ruler and scissors. Get a piece of cloth which must be 1 inch wider and 7.5 inches. Cut the plastic with the same dimensions by measuring with this piece of cloth and its ready to go.

Process to follow

1.    It is time to cut the jeans to make yarn

Now you have to make the very first thing which is jeans yarn to proceed.

• Pick a marker and mark the jeans along every inch of the width.

• Now tear the strips lengthwise.

• During the process of tearing, if you have found any obstacle in your way then just stop, pick the scissors and cut the jeans from there.

• Some of the jeans pieces may be left in irregular or triangular shape you can cut these too in the same way.

2.    Now clean the yarn and iron them to get a proper shape

Well, this is the time to separate every colored yarn and make them straight. To get a clean and fine look it would be better to iron these pieces of yarn. I just used one leg of every jeans, you can go with more if you want to get a bigger weaving in size.

Before ironing, it is important to clean the loose threads of the yarn with your hands to get a neat and precise look. 

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3.    Prepare loom

• Place the piece of paper on cardboard.

• Pin one color of yarn onto the cardboard in a straight direction.

• Now pick the second color, place it on weaving needle.

• Start weaving the second color in a sequence like under 2 strips and over 1 strip.

• Keep the second colored strips 30 degrees upward in direction.

• You can start in any direction as you feel easy, there is no restriction on it. Well, I started to weave from top right to down left. Well, the result would be the same.

• Now it is time to pick the 3rd color of our denim weaving.

• Start to weave this by starting it from the right by angling upward.

• To weave the third color, you have to follow over 2 triangles and under 4 triangles.

4.    The pattern is done

Well, after weaving all the three colors the pattern of your weaving is just done and you will get a 3d type pattern in the result.

5.    Trim and iron the weaving

Now you have to cut down the extra parts of your denim weaving and remove the paper layer which was under the pattern and iron it.

Well, you have done with this. Now you can use it to make a pillow cover or trim it to the frame. Where you want to use this unique piece is all up to you now.  

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