5 Reasons Why We Love Needle Felting

You do not have to knit, sew, follow any pattern or even needs to be creative. Enthusiasm is all you need. Needle felting is the happiest craft ever invented; it is completely universal and allows you to create the simplest or most complex sculptures using loose wool and barbed needles. To do this, simply press the wool repeatedly with a felt needle, shaping it until it covers the fibers of the wool, forming a solid object. Needle felting is an entirely different process from the old wet felt trade; there is no mess, you only need a small workspace and it is relatively cheap compared to many manual jobs because you need a lot to start. Here you will find a lot of information about the type of wool and accessories.

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Why people loving do Needle Felting?

·It is relatively cheap

Compared to different businesses, felt needles is not that expensive. All you need to start typing a needle is a needle, wool roving and a type of sponge foam that will serve as a platform for work.

·It is lighter 

Of course, ease is the goal, but if you find that all the different steps of crochet or knitting are difficult, you will be glad to know that felt with needles is not that difficult. In fact, if you can push the needle over and over again, you can feel the needle. The memorization of loops or points is not necessary. You do not even have to follow patterns if you do not want to. The only difficult thing about needle felt is that it is very laborious.

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·It is relaxing

Repetitive tasks are usually soothing. If you are looking for ways to relax, needle felt can help. Needle felt forces you to slow down and concentrate on the task, which can also be relaxing.

·You can create almost anything

Beautiful Artists

Famous artists are

·Andrea Graham

Andrea is a multimedia artist from rural Ontario (Canada) who exhibits, teaches and lectures around the world. Andrea uses ancient methods in modern works, combining hand-made felt and unusual materials for the production of 3d felt art and installations.

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·Gladys Paulus

Gladys was born into a Dutch-Indonesian family and grew up in the Netherlands. He studied art at the Kunsten Utrecht art school before settling in the United Kingdom in 1995. He now lives and works in Somerset, England.  He is passionate about working with students and has a master class about master classes that travel the world.

·Moira West

Fiber artist, Moira West, has a reputation for creating bright, exciting and unusual fibers. By combining textile technology with a variety of materials, his work is inspired by nature and the desire to expand the boundaries, creating an influence that contributes to a better understanding of human weakness. His work invites interaction and personal confrontation with life and its unexpected forms.

If you can imagine it, you can create it. Some people create miniature characters of people or animals, others create huge models and others create abstract art. You have total artistic freedom

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