Five Ways glass art brings our life the actual function

The art of glass refers to individual works of art that are mostly or entirely of glass. It ranges from monumental works to installation objects, tapestries, and windows, as well as works of art in studios and factories, including crystal decorations and dishes. Today, many contemporary artists continue to explore malleable cast material possibilities and go beyond the limits of craftsmanship. From the perfection of traditional methods of blown glass to the development of new precise technologies, contemporary artists demonstrate the amazing versatility and charming beauty of glass.

What can glass art brings to us?

The invention of sheet glass and the Bessemer process made it possible to use glass in large segments in order to withstand more structural loads and to be produced on a larger scale. In the 20th century, glass was used for tables and shelves, for interior walls and even for floors.


The glass was first used in beads and other pieces of jewelry and decorative items. Pearls and precious stones are still one of the most common uses of glass in art and can be processed without a kiln. Later it became a fashion to use this jewelry.

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Couture and Wearables

From the end of the 20th century, glass couture means creating exclusive clothes made of cut glass. They are made to order for the user's body. They are partially or completely made of glass with exceptional attention to fit and flexibility. The result is usually delicate and not intended for regular use.  

Glass Container

One of the oldest and most practical works of art of glass is glass containers. Glasses and pitchers were popular because glass blowing was an art. Many old methods of engraving, painting and glass casting have been improved in these containers.

since the middle Ages, glass has become more widely produced and used for the construction of windows. Stained glass windows have become a common place for windows of cathedrals and large civil buildings.

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Famous Glass Artists

When you immerse yourself in the world of glass art, it is especially important to meet celebrities in the industry, especially if you want to buy works for yourself. Take a look at some of these famous glass artists to get acquainted with this incredible environment and people who have dedicated their lives to creating art:

·David Salvador

Known for its beautiful visual language of traditional African colors and symbols, working with glass is the way of life of David Salvador. Throughout his career, he worked to push the boundaries of glass. He was born into a family of glassblowers in Murano, Italy, and very early learned how to operate stoves and furnaces.

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·Ann Wolf

Anna Wolf, one of the founders of the studio movement behind glass, was in the spotlight in the 1960s. She is known for her ability to manipulate the special characteristics of glass: to create contours and textured surfaces. His work played with the unique property of glass, transparent and durable, making people think.

·Martin Janecky

A career that began at the age of 13, Martin Janecky hired great artists and designers from around the world at the age of 20. His work focuses on a human face and figure with a surrealistic quality, and deals mainly with opaque glass support, which sometimes resembles its own skin.

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