5 Gigantic differences between eastern and Western Valentine's Day

There is a great difference between the valentine day in the eastern and the western countries. Valentine’s Day in oriental also varies in different aspects. Here we are going to discuss what are the main differences between the western and the eastern Valentine’s Day?

What are the five main differences between eastern and Western Valentine's Day?

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in different ways. This event can be varied in Valentine’s Day activities because every country celebrates it according to their culture.

1. Western arrange the Lantern Festival

In Western countries, they celebrate Valentine’s Day as an event. They arrange a proper event for young couples. Couples can find the number of sky lanterns there. They can enjoy this beautiful view with their loved one. Couples commit with each other to forget their past and will start their new life ahead. At this event, especially the unmarried men and women make the interaction with their valentine and socialize with them. They believe that these sky lanterns are the sign of hope and will bloom their romance. 

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2. Western countries arrange family events

In many western countries, they don’t consider it as the day for couples. They arrange several events for the families where they can enjoy a lot. And after the event, they can have a meal together. On the other hand, if we talk about the eastern culture, they give Valentine’s Day gifts to each other and they consider this day is especially for the unmarried couples to enjoy with each other.

3. In western countries, people exchange gifts

In western countries, people get the freedom to exchange gifts with their loved one. But in some eastern countries, the celebration of this event is banned. The government restricts to sell any red product on that day. While Western make their partners surprised by having dinner with them and giving precious gifts to them. 

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4. In western countries, people arrange a mass ceremony

In eastern countries, people usually red roses for their valentine. But in western countries, they arrange massive events for couples. Here, the couples can enjoy a lot. They find several ways to bloom their romance. Such events make their day more special and they wait for a whole year to meet their valentine on this special event. Because they know that at that event, they will always have unforgettable moments to enjoy together.

5. Western countries spend more on valentine day

In most western countries, celebrating Valentine’s Day has become a trend. They spend a lot of money to organize special events for couples to make them feel special. On the other hand, eastern countries have fewer trends to celebrate it as an event than the western countries. According to the survey, people spend almost 60% of their income on the valentine day to make their Valentine special by giving them the best experience.

In all these aspects, the valentine day at the western countries and the eastern countries is different.

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