7 Ingenious Ways You Can Do With Clay

People try to use different decorating techniques in their home. They place beautiful furniture, place amusing paintings, paint the walls with different color and many other things. While clay art also plays an important role in the decorating purpose.

Most kids like to play with clay and make different interesting and cute things that sometimes give the amazing look to the house décor. Even clay is used for the purpose of decorating home by most of the designers.

There are different types of clays that are used for different purposes while polymer clay is mostly utilized for the shaping different things and use them as a decoration piece.
Here, we are going to describe some of the ingenious ways you can do with clay.

1.Clay Vase

As clay is much moisture and soft that it can be mold in any shape easily. One of the ways to utilize the clay is making a clay vase. It will give a very charming look to the décor and will prove as an ingenious use of clay.

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2.Clay Birds

You can make artificial birds like a clay pigeon, clay sparrow etc with polymer clay. You can also apply multiple colors to give them a real look. You can hang them in your hallway or guest room for the decoration purpose. It will definitely be the source charm in your space.

3.Clay Pinch Pots

Try some polymer clay in the making of clay pots. You can use multiple geometric architectures while making the pots. You can also apply multiple colors to give them a charming effect. These pots can also be utilized as one of your home appliances.

4.Clay Planters

Clay offers another addition to your home décor. You can use clay planters instead of the regular ones to give an amazing look to your home décor. It will look great if there is placed a planter which has multiple architectures, designs and the amazing combination of colors.

5.Clay Necklace

Clay does not only facilitate you in home decoration but also offer you to décor yourself. You can make a clay necklace and wear it along with your other jewelry pieces. You can apply different designs, color, and shapes in the necklace according to your own choice.

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6.Clay Mask

Clay is also utilized in beauty treatments. The clay mask is much popular to be used by most of the beauticians to cure skin diseases or to give a glowing look to someone’s face. It is one of the best ways to glow yourself at home.

7.Geometric Pencil Holder

Clay is also be used in the making of the colorful geometric pencil holder. Along with different decorating techniques of clay, it also provides an elegant way to place the pencil in some space. Instead of spreading pencils all around, you can place them a colorful pencil holder that offers an ingenious use as well as the amazing décor to space.

Well, consider the above-described ways to utilize clay and give your home a beautiful décor.

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